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Father’s Day at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market June 19, 2016

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there in Mar Vista! 
My kids and I gave my husband the day off from his normal chores and so I shopped the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market for our veggies today.
Check out the round squash, strawberries, figs and carrots I saw:

round squash




Plus there was all kinds of kefir at Wildly Fermented.

kefir from Wildlly Fermented

And Middlebar was there with terrific Bloody Mary mix, pickles, syrups and more.

Middlebar collage

Stuart Cooley, from Santa Monica College’s Sustainable Technologies Program, was in the MVCC Green Tent today, talking about the program right in our backyard.

Stuart Cooley from Santa Monica College in the MVCC Green Tent

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