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All Kinds of Meat at Mar Vista Farmers’ Market March 1, 2015

Meat in all its forms is now available at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market. DeyDey Farms is retiring, but there are two new Farmers with stands to supply us, and another new one coming next week as well. We wish DeyDey’s Farmer John the best in whatever life brings him next – and we’ll sure miss him in Mar Vista!

DeyDey retiring

Devil’s Gulch Ranch
, which supplies meat to the French Laundry and Chez Panisse, is now a part of our Mar Vista Market. They’ve got pork, bacon, rabbit and quail.

Devil's Gulch Ranch

And Da-Le Ranch has free-range fowl including chicken, duck, turkey, pheasant, geese, and eggs.

da-le-ranch fowl

Cousins Maine Lobster seems to have a spiffy new truck!

Cousins Maine Lobster

Girl Scout Troop 3445
was on hand selling cookies, and remember: you can donate without actually taking possession of the cookies. Your donation still helps the Girl Scouts with scholarships and the cookies go to active duty military through the USO.

Girl Scouts from Troop 3445

Got any old jeans you don’t want anymore? The MVCC Green Tent wanted us all to know: Donate them to the Council Thrift Store, and if they don’t sell there, they get recycled into very useful things, like insulation. So there!

old jeans in Green Tent

And here it is: Your Moment of Green:


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