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Sundays from 9am to 2pm

12198 Venice Blvd, LA 90066
Grand View at Venice Boulevard Map


Dear Mar Vista Farmers Market-Goers,

California’s Certified Farmers Markets are an essential lifeline to the thousands of families throughout the region on both sides of the supply chain, so thank you for supporting the farmers, fishermen & ranchers who continue to keep us all fed.

Please know that all the markets are operating as an essential food facility under evolving, new guidelines from the LA County Department of Public Health.
Below you’ll find a list of the changes in our operations that help ensure compliance as well your safety every Sunday.


We now have specific “Speed Pass” Entrance Opportunities at our 3 general Exits for those needing extra help. If you are  a  person with physical limitations or difficulties, you may skip the long general line on the sidewalks simply by checking in with security guards or staff members manning our three authorized exits.

Those “Speed Pass” Entrances/Exits are at: Venice/Grand View (North) … Grand View (South) by the lumberyard.

For everyone else?    If approaching from Venice Blvd, use the Entrance at Grand View/Pacific on the EAST side from the post office sidewalk. If approaching from the south use the west sidewalk on the Laundromat side to enter at Pacific intersection WEST.

 Also, to further help with spacing and six-foot safety concerns, on Grandview north of Pacific and running all the way to Venice Blvd, we have WIDENED THE MARKET by backing all vendors up to the curb. You should find that this has opened up egress for all (whether you're a shopper, a passer-through or just a Looky-Loo) and maximizes the distance between any neighboring lines that form for adjacent, popular vendors.


By Regulation, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may you open, uncover, or consume ANYTHING while inside the market.
So buy here, but don’t try here!

With COVID still very much with us, MVFM will continue to operate:

  • With increased Security Guards as well as Line Monitors and roving Social Distancing & Protocol "Czars".

  • By instituting an OPENING HORN SALES ANNOUNCEMENT (via trumpet !!) eliminating any "Early Bird" shopping prior to 9 a.m. and blowing a CLOSING HORN at or around 2 p.m. to announce the final sales of the day.

  • By continuing to track the total number of market goers at any one time and capping capacity at a safely manageable number.

  • By limiting access to the market and (if under a momentary cap) allowing any new entrances new shoppers based solely on corresponding exits from the market.

  • By reminding shoppers while visiting vendors between Pacific Ave and Venice Boulevard, to use the yellow traffic stripe running up Grand View as a GENERAL WAITING LINE. Your farmer/vendor will then call you up to their tent when they can SAFELY accommodate you six feet from your nearest fellow shopper. As always, be mindful of maintaining said six-foot Social Distancing minimum between you and your neighbor at all times as you navigate the market.

  • By implementing PRE-ORDER & PICK-UP SYSTEMS for select vendors. (Each participant has been asked to have a “will-call” at their tents to minimize any wait and expedite your stay. )

  • By suspending all non-essential activities like product sampling, & public dining as well as arts & crafts.

What Can YOU Do?

  • Come solo rather than as a Family!

  • “Less is More” better! Send one person from your household to go inside the market to shop. This is safer for you, your family and all of us and allows us to serve more total households, more efficiently. Margins for our farmers are perilously thin and this really helps them serve more, perhaps making the difference whether or not certain farms can afford to make the trip each week to Mar Vista!

  • Say NO-NO TO FIDO !! *Unless you have a medical disability and an ADA-Certified Service Animal, please leave your dog at home. It’s the law.

  • Stay at home if you’re at-risk or sick.

  • Bring your own big bags and gloves. We will have a very limited supply of nitrile/latex gloves at our entrances, but please, lend a “hand” this way and GLOVE UP!

  • Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly at home. Plenty of “How To” info on line or be sure to ask your friendly farmer for advice!

Thank You for supporting our Farmers!

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