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About Us

Mar Vista, A Certified Farmers Market

Mar Vista is your neighborhood Certified Farmers Market – selling the freshest fruits, flowers and veggies at their peak, directly to consumers. Straight from California family farms to your table. Bon appetit!

Begun in 1977, the Certified Farmers Market (CFM) program exempted farmers from prior packing, sizing and labeling requirements. According to the California Department of Food & Agriculture, this has a number of benefits to consumers and the agricultural community:


CFMs --

  • Bring fresh, high quality goods from producers and create a diverse market.

  • Give consumers opportunities to meet the farmer and learn how their food supply is produced.

  • Provide a great opportunity for small farmers to market their products without the added expenses of commercial preparation. This increases their net income and makes it possible for them to stay in business.

  • Offer a flexible marketing alternative without disrupting other produce marketing systems.

There are approximately 800 Certified Farmers Markets in California and approximately 2,500 certified producers. Of these markets, 50% are year-round markets. The balance are seasonal, generally operating from April through October.

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