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Load In & Market Info

We look forward to having you join us this Sunday! I have included fee, load-in and market information below:

The fee structure for a 10x10 space is a base rate of $155, or 12% of sales, whichever is greater (plus the $2 state fee). Please note, we do not accept cash for the market fee payment. Please be prepared to pay by check, CashApp, or Zelle. 

 Load In Instructions: please arrive no later than 7:20am and we will show you where to off load. Once you have off-loaded, you will park your vehicle in the back parking lot at Grand View Elementary School, located south of the market at 3951 Grand View Blvd.. After parking your vehicle, then you may set up your booth. All vehicles must exit the market no later than 8:15am.


Here is some important information regarding the market:

SELLING HOURS - Customers cannot shop inside the market before we open at 9:00 am, no exceptions. You may sell to customers if they are outside the market's perimeters on the sidewalk, from the backside of your booth. You may sell to fellow vendors inside the market before 9am, please confirm they are with a vendor before making the sale. Please bring enough product to sell for the market's hours of operation (9am-2pm).

PARKING - Vendor parking is located in the back lot at Grand View Elementary School, just south of the market at 3951 Grand View Blvd.Overflow parking may go in the front, but start with the back lot. There is no parking allowed in the Post Office lot, BMC lot, or street. Every space we take up outside of the school limits the availability of our customers to find parking and shop with us.

TOKENS - Green tokens are only valid for prepackaged foods and farmer produce. You may not accept Orange tokens. They are for farm stands/produce only.


If you are selling prepared food you may not accept either. 


Thank you,

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